Guide to the Ultimate Candidate Experience


Top tips for your candidate experience

Today we live in a world of connection, personalisation, clear expectation and instant fulfilment. When it comes to candidates, we're battling with the competition to catch their attention and convince them our organisation is worth applying for.

This all starts with the candidate experience.

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It's the most important part of your recruitment process, and every applicant tracking system should enable you with the tools to make a big impression! Our experts have put together the ultimate guide on all things candidate attraction to help get you started.

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What is the candidate experience?

The Candidate Experience is the result of all interactions you have with candidates and potential candidates in the recruitment marketing and hiring process.

It refers to the overall perception and feelings that job seekers have about your organisation and its recruitment process, from social media, careers sites, job adverts, the application process to assessments, interviews, communication, feedback and the pre and onboarding experience.

It encompasses all the touchpoints and interactions between candidates and your organisation, all of which can significantly impact your brand, reputation and ability to attract and retain the best people to grow your business. A positive Candidate Experience builds trust, engagement and satisfaction, therefore increasing the likelihood of successful hires.

Included in this guide:

- What is the candidate experience?

- Key statistics on candidate behaviours

- The key touchpoints for the candidate experience and how to use them

- How to optimise job adverts to increase your reach

- How to set candidate expectations

- How to conduct effective job interviews

- How to deliver a stellar onboarding and preboarding experience for candidates

- How to report on it and measure success!

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