The Ultimate Guide to Onboarding


Onboarding is one of those catch-all phrases – it can mean a variety of things to different groups. It can cover every stage from a candidate accepting a job offer right through to the completion of induction, any probationary period, and even beyond if they transition to a new role and team!

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But if you're faced with an onboarding process that isn't working, or is too slow, or is losing you candidates, it might be difficult to know where to start.

Jobtrain comes with an Onboarding powerhouse - Active Care GroupLuckily, we've put together an ultimate guide to onboarding and compliance that's a great starting point for putting your strategy together.

Our onboarding and compliance functionality has been nominated by The Recruiter for Supplier Innovation of the Year. So with years of expertise under our belt, we wanted to share our knowledge!

What does a powerful onboarding function look like? How much work will it take? What technology could be useful and what are some misconceptions that ought to be understood?


This guide focuses on the steps and stages up to the point of the new hire starting their new role, sometimes referred to as 'pre-boarding'. This process is owned by both Talent Acquisition/Recruitment and HR, so it should be useful for every member of your team!

We cover:

  • Why a good offer and onboarding experience matters
  • The cost of not getting onboarding right
  • The 4 Cs of Onboarding
  • Compliance, Connection, Context, and Culture - engaging your new hires
  • Onboarding engagement checklist
  • Measuring success

Onboarding Guide


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