Candidate Experience Checklist

LAURA CHAMBERS • 08 Mar 2023

Is your candidate experience at the top of its game?

Attracting candidates has never been harder, that’s why we encourage all of our clients to reassess their candidate experience once a year!

Our in-house talent intelligence team offer a service to all of our clients where they can work with you to breakdown what works and what doesn't about your candidate experience, but if you don't know where to begin, download our free checklist below.

Download the Candidate Experience Checklist

We provide Applicant Tracking Systems for a large number of organisations across the UK and Ireland. In 2020, the Jobtrain platform processed over 60m applicants and that has given us access to a huge amount of data. Our team of experts have sat on panels judging different candidate experiences, and we’ve even sponsored The Firm’s Award for Best Candidate Experience too!

With the launch of a brand new candidate experience for our applicant tracking systems – Jobtrain and JTGO - we wanted to create a quick checklist to help you decide if it’s time for an upgrade.

What do candidates want?

As well as this checklist, you'll find some top tips and statistics about the current market to help inform your job advertising!

  • Where can you speed up your time-to-hire?
  • What are candidates looking for?
  • What do they not want to see?
  • How important is ED&I?
  • Is your candidate experience fully accessible so you’re not locked off from a whole group of jobseekers?
  • Are you using videos and pictures in your job adverts? 
All of these are crucial factors.
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