IT guide to an ATS

CLARE RYDER • 01 Apr 2021

An important element to consider when you're looking for a new Applicant Tracking System is - what's important to your IT department? Does the ATS you're considering have everything required to for it to be secure and compliant?

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We've all heard at some stage in the news of major data breaches (the Carphone Warehouse data breach in 2015 comes to mind), so making sure your recruitment software provider is compliant in all areas of data and security is critical for your business and its success. 

A checklist of considerations for Heads of IT for new recruitment software 

Our guide of the key things you should be asking any prospective ATS providers relating to security and IT, includes: 

  • Where does the ATS stores your data?
    Our advice and expertise on where it should be stored, how it should be stored, and the types of storage facilities to look out for.
  • Legislation Compliance
    Our checklist of legislation compliance every good ATS provider should have.
  • The certifications to look out for
    There's a whole host of certifications to look out for and we've got them all covered here. We've also covered the certifications the ATS provider's datacentre should have.
  • Our other tips
    What technical support is provided, the levels of uptime of the software, integrations, etc. Our guide outlines all the other important technical elements to consider.

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IT guide to an ATS