Selecting an ATS - tops tips for success

CLARE RYDER • 31 Mar 2021

From what the implementation process will consist of, to the support that's on offer and the flexibility of the software - choosing the right Applicant Tracking System for you and tour organisation is critical.

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We have over 20 years experience, developing, delivering and supporting applicant tracking systems to a very broad range of clients. We know the elements that make a good applicant tracking system and importantly what makes it for our clients.

A guide to help you choose the right recruitment software provider for you

Our checklist guide on a variety of elements to consider when you're shortlisting and choosing an Applicant Tracking System, along with your own specific requirements, will have you well on your way to making the right technology decision for you.

Our ATS checklist covers all areas to consider, including:

  • Implementation
    What to consider and what to ask potential providers.

  • Support
    A checklist of support features that should be offered by all good recruitment software providers.

  • Flexibility and configuration
    The levels of flexibility and configuration of an ATS is critical to success. We outline what you should be looking for.

  • Training
    Training should be a key part of the service offered - what's included here is important.

  • Innovation
    A provider that's constantly looking to improve - our advice on looking for innovative suppliers.

  • Recommendations
    Advice on how and who to ask when you're looking for independent advice on a recruitment software provider

Download our top tips for success and you'll be well on the way to making the right technology decision for you.

Download the guide

ATS Checklist