Creating engaging media content for your candidate audience

CLARE RYDER • 01 Apr 2021

Based on our own experience, in this guide we have outlined our recommendations and tips on creating the best content for both your job adverts and your careers website, to drive engagement and improve the experience for your candidates.

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We've included information on:

  • Knowing your audience
    The considerations to think about and how to write a job advert for each audience. 
  • The art of bringing storytelling into your content
    How to really sell your job advert - you have to stand out from others to gain a competitive advantage and that's where storytelling can come in.
  • How to use job advert real estate wisely
    You only have so much space to really sell it - so use it wisely. A useful stat from LinkedIn says "candidates rated company, culture and mission as less
    important and rarely highlighted them as helpful” so bear this in mind when you're structuring job adverts.
  • How long (or short) your job adverts should be
  • Our tips on including information on why candidates should apply for your job
  • How to set candidates' expectations about the recruitment process

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