Discussion Paper - making the NHS Workforce Plan a reality

CHRIS KEELING • 05 Sep 2023

In June 2023 the NHS finally published its long-awaited Workforce Plan. This could be the start of a revolution in this critical area. With a reported £9 billion spent in 2021/22 on agency and bank staff (this represents 15% of the total wage costs across the NHS) it is about time this area was given far more prominence.

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The Workforce Plan itself is welcome reading – it talks about key areas that the NHS needs to address; it paints a picture of hope in building and developing a workforce for the future and it commits to embracing partnerships to deliver real change across the NHS. But we have all seen strategies before that can gather dust. Often not because there is no belief in the principles of the goal, but how it is to be achieved can seem daunting, or if not daunting, then maybe just unattainable.

So the purpose of this discussion paper is to provide some insight, some hope and some direction. It won’t contain all the answers (hopefully some though), but I hope it will provoke thought and then that will prompt action. The only thing worse than doing anything is to do nothing, so this is our attempt to help the cause and to bring our insights, experience and thoughts into addressing the future needs of the NHS – starting today!

NHS Discussion PaperAn applicant tracking system for the NHS

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A webinar with NHS Blood and Transplant

Jobtrain's Giles Heckstall-Smith is joined by our client Ruth Saunders, Assistant Director of Talent Acquisition and Recruitment at NHS Blood and Transplant. Together, they'll talk about transformational NHS recruitment.
Ruth has over 20 years recruitment leadership experience. She has led recruitment across all specialisms, industries and role types - across volume, niche & Executive roles including Head of Recruitment and Head of Talent Acquisition at FTSE 100 and Global Fortune 500 organisations.

Join us on Wednesday 20th September

In this session we will cover:
  • How to transform a recruitment administration function to a strategic Talent Acquisition team
  • What does a modern Talent Acquisition team look like and what are the benefits?
  • How to use data effectively to tell a story, create actionable insights and produce a compelling business case for change
  • How to implement KPIs to reduce time to hire and increase recruiting effectiveness
  • How the workforce and market has changed the way we need to approach Healthcare Assistant attraction and recruitment
  • Choosing and implementing the right technology and its role in underpinning the process and delivering results
  • The importance of crafting a compelling Employer Value Proposition to attract candidates and transform candidate experience

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