Why chatbots aren't the future of hiring support

LAURA CHAMBERS • 27 May 2024

Chatbots. It feels like they're everywhere, from online shopping to banking - many organisations rely on them to streamline their operations. Businesses that want to boost sales or enhance efficiency might integrate chatbots for time-saving benefits while being accessible round-the-clock. But is there a risk they could be a detriment and harm your brand if they're not performing? With 57% of consumers feeling a decline in customer service (Customer Contact Week Digital study), are chatbots the right way forward?

We do things differently at Jobtrain. Although we develop, sell and support our ATS software, we strive for more than that. First and foremost we are a people business. That's why we believe the human touch cannot be replaced by chatbots, particularly when supporting clients (and their candidates) using our applicant tracking system (ATS). In this blog, we'll explore why prioritising human support is key, how you can do it and how clients benefit.

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The rise of chatbots in customer support

Chatbots are a popular tool for customer support across many sectors, including the applicant tracking software space. These AI-driven programs are designed to manage common queries, provide information and even assist with troubleshooting. What's the appeal? They can operate 24/7 and handle multiple enquiries simultaneously without needing breaks or rest. For many organisations, this is seen as a cost-saving and increases efficiency.

However, the reliance on chatbots comes with significant limitations. Chatbots are only as good as their programming and this means they can struggle with complex issues. They can't fully understand context, grasp emotions or provide personalised responses. As Alex talked about in a recent blog article about AI interviewing, this can lead to frustration for users who feel fobbed off with generic, scripted answers rather than genuine human assistance. Data from 8x8 found that 55% of consumers said that contacting a human is one of the most important aspects for them in a customer support experience.

Why do we choose human support?

Every ATS provider strives to deliver an ATS that's intuitive for both clients and their candidates, where they can get on with their tasks without requiring additional support. Inevitably though, questions and queries will always arise and we believe people deserve more than just automated chatbot responses. Our commitment at Jobtrain is to provide real human support - this stems from the belief in the importance of building strong partnerships through personalised assistance and guidance.

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Here are some key reasons why we prioritise human support over chatbots:

HR and recruitment experts first
First and foremost, we're experts in HR and recruitment and our ATS products are there to support them. Could a chatbot honestly provide advice and support to a client looking for real-life advice on a recruitment or HR issue?

Building partnerships
This is a key mantra for us at Jobtrain, as acted out by Jules, one of our Continuous Improvement Consultants. Respecting clients by dedicating real human support builds strong, long-term relationships and helps us understand unique needs, challenges and preferences.

Empathy and understanding
Empathy is another trait a chatbot will struggle with. Real human beings empathise with clients and candidates - they can understand frustrations, concerns and needs. Emotional intelligence is crucial in delivering effective support, particularly in stressful or complicated situations, something a chatbot cannot do.

Contextual awareness
Every query received by a support team comes with a context or background to the query or issue. Although chatbots are developing, they can't grasp the context of an issue faster or better than a human can. A human can ask follow-up questions, clarify doubts and provide tailored solutions.

Flexibility and adaptability
Real human support can adapt to new information and changing circumstances, catching unexpected problems quickly and providing more accurate, helpful responses.

Complex problem-solving
Sometimes issues arise and they often require detailed understanding and problem-solving skills. That's where human support can think critically, draw on experience and collaborate with other team members to resolve issues effectively.

How do we do it? Delivering an ATS with human support

Our ATS is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, but we understand that implementing and using a new system can be daunting. That's why we provide dedicated human support throughout the entire process, from implementation to ongoing use.

Here's one of our humans - Customer Support Manager, Kelly, talking about her experiences learning from what candidates:

Personalised implementation and support

When a new client begins using our ATS, our implementation and support teams work closely with them to ensure a smooth and problem-free implementation. We provide customised training sessions tailored to the specific needs of the organisation. This hands-on, human approach helps our clients feel more comfortable and confident using the system, ensuring a fast start and minimising potential disruptions.

Ongoing support and training

Our commitment to client support doesn’t end with implementation - it's just the start! We provide ongoing human support and training that ensures our clients get the most out of using our ATS. Whether it’s answering questions, resolving issues or providing updates on new features, our support team is always available to help.

Feedback and improvement

Like any growing business, feedback from customers is invaluable. We use it to continually improve our ATS and the ways in which we support it. Open lines of communication mean we're always on hand to spot and address any concerns quickly and enhance the user experience.

Why human insight matters

It's not just about how we support our customers and candidates. How organisations manage candidates during the interview process is another area to question if AI and chatbots have a place. If you're considering introducing AI to conduct interviews, assess candidates and even make some key hiring decisions, then look at our recent blog on why AI is not the future of interviewing. Included is why this approach is fundamentally flawed and why human insight is irreplaceable in the hiring process.

To finish

So while AI and chatbots offer certain efficiencies, they can't replace the empathy, understanding and personalised support that people can. At Jobtrain, we prioritise human support because we believe it leads to better client experiences, stronger relationships and more effective use of our ATS.

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