3 tips on getting the most out of your ATS partnership

LAURA CHAMBERS • 20 May 2024

We not only had the best time making this video below of Jules, one of our Continuous Improvement Consultants (CIC) - it's also one of our most popular videos. Why? Its message is about how to get the most out of the partnership you have with your applicant tracking system (ATS) provider for the greatest success. So we've delved deeper into those points in this blog.

1. Treat it like a partnership
2. Be honest and keep lines of communication open
3. Stay updated and informed

Here are our 3 top tips on finding the best strategies to maximise the benefits of your partnership with your ATS provider and enhance your recruitment.

1. Treat it like a partnership

It may seem obvious, but work in partnership with your ATS provider.

It's starting to feel more like summer here in the UK, so we'll use a garden-in-bloom analogy! Like looking after a garden, nurturing your partnership with your ATS provider requires care, attention and a collaborative approach. It's like planting tomato seeds and watching them grow with the right amount of water, sunlight and care. Engaging and working with both the people and the product your ATS provider can only be a good thing - producing bountiful results for your recruitment efforts.

A strong partnership with your ATS provider means you can lean on them to help achieve your goals and objectives. Include them in strategic discussions, seek their input on process improvements and value their expertise. This also helps your ATS provider gain a better understanding of you and your team and fosters trust and mutual support, crucial for a successful partnership.

We know this because we've seen it throughout our 20+ years of developing and delivering our ATS products to hundreds of clients. Our most fruitful client partnerships have been with us year after year. Clients on the journey with us continually improve and see the most benefits and success. Don't just take our word for it though, here's what some of them have to say:

Talking about the relationship with their Jobtrain CIC, Gemma, Group TA Advisor at Henry Boot said:

"She’s there to support us throughout our partnership to help us make sure we’re making the most of the platform."

Stephanie, Personnel Officer at the Borough of King's Lynn and West Norfolk said:

"It’s a partnership – hence why we’re still here 10 years down the line!"

2. Be honest and keep lines of communication open

It's important to keep lines of communication open. This means regularly engaging with your account manager (or CIC), being honest and addressing any concerns or questions you have. Why is this important? Any good ATS provider strives to provide the best software and service that's tailored to support your recruitment needs. But if they don't know you're experiencing problems or that you're not sure how something works, then there is no chance they can help solve it for you. That not only damages your success but the ATS provider's too.

As well as addressing concerns, use the ATS provider's experience and knowledge too. Like our CICs, they can offer valuable insights and recommendations based on both their HR and recruitment expertise and their deep knowledge of the ATS product.

Joe, Recruitment Manager at the Isle of Man Government, had this to say about the honesty and communication he has with Jules, his CIC:

"There’s real honesty and transparency about the partnership we have with Jobtrain. Nothing is ever a firm 'no' in our relationship – there’s always an effort to make it work. Our strategic partnership with you is ever evolving and so many of the features that you develop are free upgrades too – you’re constantly working to improve our experience."

3. Stay updated and informed

Engage with your ATS provider

Actively engaging with your ATS provider helps you stay informed about new features and updates - as well as being a gateway to providing feedback on your own user experiences.

It's not just about using the ATS product - it's the people behind it too. Take advantage of opportunities to connect with your account manager and other members of their team - don't dismiss those regular review meetings, they should be free and included in your contract and are there to help you get the most out of the ATS! Your account manager should have lots of HR and recruitment knowledge and be able to share best practice ideas based on their years of experience working with other clients and in TA.

Don't dismiss wider comms from your ATS - they're likely chock full of useful updates and learning experiences. For instance, look out for invitations to webinars on hot topics with guest experts from across the TA spectrum or key free updates to the ATS product that could streamline that niggly bottleneck you've been seeing. If you're 100% committed to the partnership, the relationship will help you gain insights and receive real, tailored support and growth.

In addition to engaging with the people, engage with the ATS product too. Explore its features, understand its functionality and use it to its full potential. The more you engage with the ATS and feedback on what you'd like to see, the more you'll benefit from continuous improvements.

Continuous improvement

At Jobtrain, we talk about continuous improvement a lot! It's what we're always striving for in improving and enhancing our ATS and our client partnerships.

Each organisation's recruitment processes and needs are different to the next. Suppose you've decided to embrace regular review meetings and touchpoints. In that case, your ATS provider will always be aware of your changing needs and goals and you can actively get involved with the ongoing enhancement and development of the ATS. Ultimately, this helps tailor the ATS to better meet your needs and ensure it continues to deliver value for money and support for your recruitment.

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