What to look for in an ATS System


So, you’ve identified the need for an ATS – you might be managing your recruitment with paper-based processes or your current ATS System just isn’t working for you anymore. What should you look out for in an ATS System? With many ATS providers in the market, making sure you find the right one for your organisation, your team, your hiring managers, your candidates and let’s not forget, your budget - is crucial!

Prioritise what’s important

Often organisations look at how they currently work and use that as a basis for improvement. But pause for thought for a second - don't just look to address the issues causing the most problems right now, consider what you want to achieve in the long term from a new ATS System.

Before shortlisting ATS providers, draw up a list of what is important to you - we don’t just mean features and functionality. The service, security of the ATS System, the support & advice the provider offers (this can be invaluable and should play a key part in choosing a supplier - just make sure that you’re not going to pay extra for it).

There is no one size fits all, your priorities are just that - they are yours.

1. Implementation

ATS providers should assign you a dedicated Implementation Manager. This person will be there throughout the entire process to guide and support you, share best practice and make recommendations to ensure your ATS System enhances your recruitment process from day one. An experienced Implementation Manager will also be able to help you with internal change comms, ensuring the introduction of your new ATS is a real success for your organisation.

2. Support

Informed, trustworthy and highly accessible support from your ATS provider is vital in ensuring a successful and ongoing return on investment. Are you assigned a Client Success Manager or an Account Manager? Will they be there to ensure you gain success from using the ATS or are they simply there to upsell? No pushy sales, but outstanding support and service that will be there for years to come and not just for the first few weeks.

3. Flexibility and configuration

A good ATS System will guarantee a flexible and highly configurable platform that reflects and enhances your recruitment process, rather than dictating it. A flexible ATS will grow with you as an organisation, ensuring they’ll be no reason to change provider again in a few years.

Being able to configure much of the ATS System yourself is also key, rather than having to wait for the provider to make changes for you. Check too that you won’t be charged for any tweaks and changes to the ATS System - these can all add up and blow your budget!

4. Training

Does the ATS System include plenty of ongoing training? Not just at ATS launch, but continuously throughout the partnership to make sure you’re getting the absolute most from it.

5. Innovation

ATS providers should not stand still. Check the ATS System has a strong development roadmap that includes exciting innovations.

6. Recommendations

Your network is there to help too! Speak to them but think outside your sector too and find out which ATS System others are using, and which they rate highly. Once you’ve narrowed down your ATS providers, take up references from their existing clients - find out how well they're looked after once they signed on the dotted line.

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