5 steps to successfully implement a new ATS system

LAURA CHAMBERS • 20 Apr 2021

With hundreds of ATS System implementations under our belt, here are our recommended 5 steps to successfully implementing a new ATS System.

1. Scoping your ATS System

The Applicant Tracking System provider should set up a scoping meeting with the key stakeholders in your organisation; with the meeting being led by a dedicated Implementation Manager.

This is your opportunity to map out your recruitment processes. For a successful implementation, we would always recommend you challenge your existing processes - are they fit for purpose, can they be improved? The ATS provider should be able to provide guidance and best practice on this and will advise how the ATS System should be configured for you and your candidates.

Critical for success is a project plan - you should expect to receive this to help ensure and agree on timescales and ownership of each task.

2. Workbook

Implementing a new ATS System will naturally involve quite a lot of input from you, the client. The ATS provider should give you access to an easy-to-follow online workbook to capture all the information required to configure and set-up your new ATS System. Throughout implementation, the provider should be approachable and available to answer any questions, offer guidance, advice and provide examples of best practice.

3. Build of the ATS System

A good ATS System should only need to be configured for your needs, without the need for additional development. After completing the ATS’ workbook, the information you provided here should give the Implementation Manager everything they need to configure your ATS System and manage any ATS integrations you require such as your online testing provider or HR system.

4. Test your ATS System

The ATS provider should test your new ATS System thoroughly, and also allow you to review their set-up work and test it yourselves. You might find some tweaks and changes you’d like to be implemented, and these should be managed by the ATS provider before they move you on to training.

5. Training

Training should be included as standard for your users – training is critical to the success of the implementation!

Pre-pandemic, an ATS provider should come onsite with you (nowadays this is done remotely) to conduct training for the HR and Recruitment teams. Training will be led by your Implementation Manager, who’s been with you from the start at scoping, and they should be highly experienced in training users on the ATS System to answer any question

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