Video interviewing and the benefits

CLARE RYDER • 05 Sep 2019

Arranging face-to-face interviews with candidates, going back and forth to match up busy schedules, can sometimes feel like a never-ending saga. More worryingly, you could be losing valuable time and money in the recruitment process. So why are we telling you this? Well, there is an answer to this problem in the form of video interviewing technology that’s integrated in to your recruitment processes.

What is video interviewing technology?

Video interview technology gives recruitment teams the control to invite selected candidates to complete a video interview. It’s much more than a traditional video call like Skype – video screening makes your recruitment process much more productive, giving candidates the freedom to complete the interview at a time to suit them, removing the need for admin heavy tasks like aligning busy diaries for traditional interviews.


The benefits of video screening

"Over 60% of businesses in the US use video interviewing in their recruitment process and the UK is rapidly following this trend."

(Shine Interview)

1. Improved time to hire

Video interviews can reduce time to hire by up to 50%, replacing traditional telephone interviews and removing the admin time involved when arranging traditional interviews.

2. Fairer screening

With all applicants for a job answering the same pre-recorded questions, recruiters can easily and fairly compare and score interviews.

3. Collaborate with colleagues

As each video interview is recorded, they can be viewed by other team members for quick and simple collaboration with the rest of the hiring team.

4. Location bias removed

Video interviewing removes any location bias giving you access to the best talent, regardless of geographies.

5. Integration in to your recruitment processes

When video interviewing is included in your applicant tracking system, like it is in the Jobtrain ATS, there are a huge number of tasks that can be automated saving recruiters’ time and speeding up the process for candidates. You can score and assess the interview with just the click of a button and even invite other recruiters or hiring managers to assess them.

How video interviewing works in our applicant tracking system

(Watch our video to learn more)

HR/Recruitment create the interview questions (these can be tailored according to different types of roles). Candidates are then invited to complete the video interview from within our platform. When the video interview is complete, it’s available to review and score against the candidate’s profile in Jobtrain – all in real time.

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