How images and videos in job adverts transform engagement and quality of hires


I recently added a post about our great team here at Jobtrain, with an image and a link to all our people profiles on our new website. So far it’s been viewed 1,500 times and over 30 people have liked it. That’s about 3 times the level of engagement of any of my other posts but what was so different about this one? An image of people that clearly caught readers’ interest. So how can including images and videos in job adverts make a difference?

Include images and videos in job adverts with Jobtrain

Our online behaviour

Today we live in a society where almost everyone has a smartphone in their pockets. The majority of searchers use their smartphone to find an opening; 78% of millennials, 73% of Generation X and more than 57% of boomers are looking for work on the smaller screen, according to Pew Research.

This behaviour and expectation isn’t limited to job searching, it applies to applications too! Our own reporting shows that of the 31 million applications Jobtrain handled last year, well over half were via smartphones or tablets.

This creates a great opportunity to get your name, brand and jobs in front of a huge audience of potential talent. But with this shift to mobile, our online behaviours and attention spans have changed and reduced dramatically!

It’s no coincidence that the fastest growing social networks are Instagram and Snapchat, as they’ve best embraced the visual medium.

Capturing interest in the age of the ‘8 second attention span’

According to a 2015 study from Microsoft, consumer attention spans had dropped to 8 seconds (less than that of a goldfish!). I’m not sure I subscribe to that but we have developed finely tuned filtering skills when we view content online – we are now much more selective. This behaviour extends to jobs adverts too.

Images and videos can instantly trigger a reaction such as recognition, emotion or identity that text will never achieve.

Next time you’re scrolling through a newsfeed or social timeline, think about what makes you pause and click?

A picture paints a thousand words 

We are all familiar with the old adage above but let’s back-up the significance of media in adverts with some stats.

  • Research from Xerox found that visuals increase the willingness of the reader to continue by 80%
  • Visuals help with information retention too and media is a great way to make your adverts more memorable
  • With just a simple 1 minute video you have the opportunity to convey 10 times the amount of information you can with text alone

Images and videos in job adverts have the power to show off your people, environment, culture and bring to life the experience of what it’s really like to work in your company.

To help our clients at Jobtrain achieve more engaging job adverts and improve quality too, we’ve recently launched ‘Media Rich Job Adverts‘. This feature enables the creation of a library of job advert templates with images, text and video.

Challenge your job adverts and ask yourself, would I click and read this on a mobile or a tablet? Consider keeping the job advert brief but enhanced with a video or picture.

Measure, test and improve

Don’t be afraid to try different approaches as it will likely take more than a few attempts to get the right content formula for the audience you want to engage.

For each advert, track its performance (likes, shares, applications) and constantly review, refine and improve.

Be brave and try it – articles and adverts with images are 94% more likely to be read, so you have very little to lose but everything to gain!

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