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CLARE RYDER • 25 Mar 2021

Updated in October 2023

The importance of Onboarding: a two-way street

Have you ever been left disappointed when a candidate tells you they’ve accepted another job? It’s frustrating, especially if they’re just about to join your organisation. You still have a gap to fill in your team and you need to start the recruitment process all over again. Let’s flip this around.

Green-Room-Onboarding-with-Jobtrain-CopyAs a candidate, you have had a brilliant interview process with a company, you’ve been offered the job and you can’t wait to get started. Let’s assume you might have a one, two or even three months notice period. What happens during this time – from the candidate accepting an offer to actually starting the job? Will they hear from the company? They might receive a contract, maybe an offer letter, but for many, that’s as far as it goes.

The silent period: a missed opportunity

According to a survey by Cezanne HR, from accepting a job to joining an organisation, a staggering 45% of candidates say they don’t hear from their new employer. In today’s competitive market, it’s simply not enough to make the offer and wait for the new employee to turn up on day one.

This silent period is a missed opportunity to engage with your new hires and make them feel part of the team even before they officially join.

Reduce the number of candidates dropping out after offer

Candidates dropping out before joining often comes down to lack of engagement. The cost of candidate dropout is not just financial; it also takes a toll on team morale and extends the recruitment cycle. So how can we tackle this issue?

Enhancing engagement: the online Onboarding feature

Improving the contact and engagement with a candidate can be easily achieved by providing an amazing, personalised new starter experience. Let your candidates review, accept and complete their key new starter information online and in real time - a cost-saving in both time and money! – all through our Online Onboarding features.

Taking it a step further: Welcome Hub

But we take Onboarding a step further with our Welcome Hub. The door is unlocked to the candidate’s Welcome Hub - a new way to engage with a new employee joining your organisation before their first day.

The Welcome Hub: your personalised portal

As a new starter, imagine having a personalised portal that includes a message from your new manager, a photo of the team you’ll be joining, or a video showing the on-site restaurant facilities. Combine this with key contact details for your manager and HR in case you have any questions, plus hints, tips and information for your first day and already you’re starting to feel like one of the team.

The ease of implementation

This level of new starter engagement isn’t difficult to achieve; it's quite the opposite with our Welcome Hub feature. With a few simple steps, you can set up a Welcome Hub that not only engages your new hires but also sets the tone for a positive work environment. 

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