Jobtrain launches JTGO an 'out of the box' ATS solution developed for the UK’s SMEs

MICHELLE BROWN • 17 Nov 2021

New solution helps small organisations with large volume recruitment needs to attract and manage candidates and reduce recruitment costs.

Jobtrain launches JTGO, a new Applicant Tracking System (ATS) developed specifically for the UK's 5.5 million SMEs. The company has created an out of the box solution designed to assist 99.2% of UK businesses ([1]) with their ongoing recruitment management challenges filling the gap with attracting, and managing, high candidate application volumes in an intuitive, and GDPR compliant manner. The system also enables organisations to manage many functions in-house reducing their overall recruitment costs.

JTGO macbook resizedWith many SME organisations experiencing significant and ongoing recruitment expenses, JTGO also helps to reduce advertising costs by providing direct access to all of the UK’s leading job boards . It does this by seamlessly allowing small businesses to post job vacancies free of charge on Indeed, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and their company’s own website. The system has been developed through beta testing, to make sure it delivered the critical elements that SME’s most needed. Teenage Helpline, a charity that helps young people across the UK, was one of the beta testers:

Thomas Overton, recruitment & partnership manager, Teenage Helpline said,

“We must applaud your [Jobtrain’s] team on creating such a good system as JTGO and we are really thankful for your generosity in supporting us and helping us achieve what we aim to with our recruitment needs. Using your ATS has really reduced our recruitment management time, helped us to create our own talent management pool and reduced our recruitment costs, giving us more budget for supporting young people through new initiatives and to better support and reward our hard-working team of volunteers."

JTGO customers pay one annual fee of £4,950 and get access to a system that is ready to use within just a couple of days. It is aimed at SMEs (companies of 250 employees or less) that have been using a combination of excel spreadsheets and emails or jumping between freemium software in the past risking GDPR issues and missing out on the functionality offered via an ATS. The price includes access to Jobtrain's knowledge centre and helpdesk.

Chris Keeling, Jobtrain CEO and founder comments,

"We wanted to provide SMEs access to our technology which we know has helped many of our larger customers to streamline their recruitment process. We recognised that many smaller organisations want a much simpler, easy to use version of our functionality to support their first steps towards attracting candidates, automating their recruitment processes and driving recruitment efficiency. With JTGO, SME customers can now buy an ATS knowing they have all the functionality they need.

"Investing in JTGO means all their basic recruitment needs are met with the budget certainty of having no hidden costs.”

JTGO will officially launch in November 2021 with a phase two planned for December 2021. For more information on JTGO visit

[1] Source - Federation of self employed and small businesses  

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