Market Salary Report - 2022

ALEX LAMONT • 06 May 2022


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This report includes salary insights for Talent Professionals and their organisations from data gathered in the first quarter of 2022. It was gathered by our talent intelligence unit.

Salary insights for 2022

2021 marked the second of two unprecedented years of economic and social distress as a result of the pandemic. Our 2022 Market Trends report provides insights into the changing habits and preferences of candidates.

Salary increases have not featured as a way to entice people unless in areas of real shortage – like what has been seen with lorry drivers in the news. Home-working or fewer hours have been much more successful in attracting quality candidates.

There is a clear signal that candidates are making more discerning life choices. And the role of employment within that is changing, with many focused on work/life balance and some seeking new career paths.

Yet, those work/life choices may become salary driven with the explosive rise in the cost of living, fuelled by rising inflation - we will be monitoring this closely. In the meantime, we hope you find this salary data report useful!

How was the data gathered?

This report includes circa 10,000 randomly sampled vacancies from 12 industry sectors across 4 months that were advertised online via our ATS platform.

In some cases those vacancies specified exact salary figures, some gave a range and some both. These have been homogenised into a single 5-factor taxonomy:

  • Sector (generally a sector of industry)
  • Region (of the UK)
  • Job family (a broad grouping of job type)
  • Job level (entry level or management for example)
  • Salary range (numerical ranges in pounds per annum)

Indicative of the sample, not all elements within each taxonomy will be represented in the data. The data is purely statistical; no job evaluation or benchmarking has taken place.

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