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In recent years there has been an increasing trend towards more collaborative working between HR/Recruitment and Hiring Managers when it comes to recruiting.

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Hiring Managers have to wear many hats to be successful in today’s world: they are expected to be financially aware; responsible for purchasing decisions; lead and develop people - the list goes on. So Hiring Managers could be forgiven for thinking they probably already feel they have enough to do already, so why burden them with yet more responsibility?

This is a free guide and roadmap is for Talent Acquisition, Recruitment and HR
Leaders to help you forge strong and successful collaboration with Hiring Managers.

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Included in this guide:

  • How to achieve leadership buy-in
    The first step to implementing a change project - secure buy-in and commitment from the senior leadership team and business critical stakeholders.
  • Educate your Hiring Managers
    Tips on the first steps to building an effective partnership.
  • Help Managers deliver a consistent candidate experience
    Why EVP plays a part in each step of the experience and how to support them in delivering a brilliant experience for candidates.
  • Video’s new role in hiring
    The value of using video in recruitment from job adverts to interviews. 
  • Technology’s critical role in Hiring Manager success
    A great deal of time and money is invested in selecting and implementing recruitment technology but it’s only as good as those using it, so ensuring Hiring Managers use it to its full capability is critical. Answer our four questions to be on your way to effective technology. 
  • Training and confidence around compliance
    Our tips on making sure Hiring Managers have access to training, support and collateral.
  • Create a charter for success
    Our advice on creating a clear guide on the end-to-end hiring process that can be shared with your Hiring Managers.

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