Care Talent Market Report 2024


Are you struggling to navigate the complex landscape of talent acquisition in the social care sector? At Jobtrain, we understand that recruiting the right talent is more challenging than ever. That's why our Talent Intelligence Unit has compiled a comprehensive report that offers actionable insights to give you a competitive edge in your recruitment and retention strategies.

42 percent of employers have hard to fill vacancies (1)

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What's inside?

Employer activity vs candidate attitudes: Discover the most common reasons for recruiting and the shifting attitudes of candidates across different generations.

The power of video: Learn why incorporating video into your job adverts can significantly improve the suitability and volume of your candidates.

Application process insights: Find out what candidates really think about the application process and how you can make it more efficient.

Takeaways for employers: Get practical advice on how to adapt your recruitment strategies to meet the needs and expectations of today's job seekers.

Why should you download this report?

Data-driven: Our report utilises millions of data points from our ATS, external research, and our Candidata™ survey data, all processed through our JobBrain™ data engine.

Generational insights: Understand what appeals to Gen Z and Millennials versus Gen X and Y, and how to tailor your recruitment strategies accordingly.

Time-saving tips: Learn how to streamline your application process and keep your talent pool engaged.

Expert opinions: The report includes insights from industry experts and offers innovative solutions to common challenges in care sector hiring.

6  percent of offers dont convert in care (1)

Don't miss out on these invaluable insights. Download the full report now to give your Care talent acquisition strategy the competitive edge it needs.

A data-driven report on candidate attitudes, ED&I and hiring practices