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Talent Acquisition Market Report - Q3, 2022

LAURA CHAMBERS • 01 Aug 2022

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Recruitment statistics for 2022/23

Our experts in Talent Intelligence release a market report bi-annually. In this analysis, you'll find 25 pages of data and insights gathered in the first half of 2022, alongside comparisons with our January 2022 report.

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The Jobtrain ATS platform processes hundreds of thousands of vacancies and many tens of millions of applications per annum. It's this that has provided our Talent Intelligence Unit access to a huge amount of data. We combine external research and our candidate survey data - Candidata ™ - to form our JobBrain ™ data engine.

This delivers insights across the market and in specific sectors for recruitment activity and candidate behaviour, at both macro and micro levels, to help with benchmarking and learning insights to our clients.

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How was this report created?

Our second edition market report utilises a sample of 28,000 vacancies and 10,000 candidates surveyed across 18 industry sectors. We repeat and publish these reports every 6 months, with each edition further benefiting from the ability to provide comparisons and trends from the edition prior.

What is included in this report?

  • Vacancy volumes - which sectors are seeing more growth
  • Applications - which sectors are seeing more and possible reasons why
  • Reasons for recruiting and applying
  • Candidate success and behaviour
  • Equality, Diversity & Inclusion statistics - exploring race, sex, disability and flexible working
  • What are candidates looking for in a job?
  • Application-To-Hire and Time-To-Hire - broken down by sector
  • Candidate engagement and sourcing data
  • Average time it takes to complete an application form - broken down by sector
  • What makes an effective job advert
  • A breakdown of information learned from our candidate questionnaires - broken down by sector
  • And much more!