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How to manage recruitment in a small organisation

CHRIS KEELING • 21 Apr 2022

Running a small organisation can be a challenging experience. You need to be an expert on everything - and that includes knowing a thing or two about recruitment. Often seen as a necessary evil, it's a task that has to be done to provide the lifeblood to your company.

This guide will provide you with insight, tips, and guidance on how best to manage your own recruitment without incurring high costs or using up too much of your own time.

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Download this guide and you'll learn how to:

  • How to define what you are looking for in a candidate before you start advertising
  • Where to find candidates and where to advertise
  • Understanding how to tell who is a good candidate
  • Interviewing - when should you telescreen candidates and when should interviews be face to face
  • The importance of closing the deal and getting it right
  • How to always improve by measuring what you have just done
How to manage recruitment in a small business
Download the guide