How to swear by your ATS and not at it

CLARE RYDER • 30 Apr 2020

Can Talent Acquisition and tech ever be friends? A good question. Of course, as a tech vendor we would always like to think the answer is yes but in truth, we have all struggled with technology (and suppliers) at times. So often, organisations jump straight into a TA tech purchase without fully understanding how the technology will fit into, and enhance, its resourcing strategy.

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Start with the ‘Why?’

Technology is an enabler, not a solution in itself. So first ask yourself:


"Why do I need this technology?"


Is it to overcome a challenge? Perhaps your recruitment process is very reactive, where jobs need to be filled with very little notice, or you might have too many candidates or you’re struggling to find talent?

If you’re looking to replace your current Talent Acquisition platform, document what functionality is missing and what you would like to see included in a new ATS. Engage the current users of your platform; not forgetting Hiring Managers. What are their challenges? What would make their lives easier and the same goes for recruiters. They should be spending 80% of their time on the top 20% of candidates so including automation around screening and assessment will help to free up their time.

Setting yourself up for success

Once you understand the ‘Why’, aligning with the right internal stakeholders is key. All too often we hear of organisations selecting a new piece of tech, only to then discover IT or Senior Management are not on board with the project. Having key stakeholders engaged from the start of the project ensures joint responsibility for success and no last-minute disappointments.

When it comes to implementation, before you get started, make sure you measure and document your key metrics. Think beyond time and cost per hire and consider metrics linked to your challenges that will enable you to demonstrate true ROI.

Procure with confidence

It’s all too easy to be swayed by ‘shiny tech’, or the fear of missing out on the latest ‘must have’ functionality.

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Our tips to procure the right tech and be confident in your decision:

Use your trusted networks. Ask for recommendations, which providers they would (and would not) select.

Consult your stakeholders and ask for their involvement.

Ask potential suppliers how they will help you achieve your big picture objectives.

Don’t allow suppliers to dictate your demonstration. Share your own recruitment process or workflow in advance and ask how the provider will support and enhance these processes – not dictate them.

Involve your IT team and think about security. Ensure key questions around GDPR compliance, where data is hosted, and data security are all covered.

Most importantly and often overlooked, in addition to the tech, think about the people. Does the business, culture and people align with your own values? Choosing a supplier who will work in true partnership with you is vital.


Guaranteeing implementation success

Implementing any new piece of technology can cause both excitement and nerves in equal measure. Asking the right questions of your vendor during the selection process is key to ensuring a successful implementation.

Will you have a dedicated Implementation Manager to support you through the process and are there any limits to this support? Is training included as part of implementation and if so, what does this cover? Are you expected to take a ‘train the trainer’ approach or is video training included? Also, think about ad hoc training, for example when you have new starters. Will your vendor provide additional training, or will you be charged for this?

Look for hidden costs, such as additional costs for upgrades, tweaks and changes to your platform. If integrations are critical, will they cost extra? Try and include integration costs as part of your set up to avoid any surprises further down the line.

Onsite review meetings and unlimited support should all be included as standard.

Final thoughts and checklist

Clearly define the challenges you are looking to solve with the tech

Align and consult with ALL stakeholders early and get them onboard

Be clear on the specific ROI and base this on strategic business impact. Don’t forget to measure it!

Establish partnerships based on understanding, trust, communication, teamwork and support

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