Speeding up the application process for your candidates

CLARE RYDER • 26 May 2016

Two-stage application process - a quicker and easier way for candidates to apply

We saw a huge increase in the focus on candidate experience with our clients asking:

“How do I make it quicker and easier for my candidates to apply?”

In response we introduced a two-stage application process for candidates. This allows our clients to gather information from candidates in two stages rather than completing one lengthy application form.

Examples of first and second stages of an application process

The first stage application form will gather key information required to make an informed decision as to whether or not to progress a candidate to interview. This might involve basic personal details, a CV and Equal Opportunities information (for application monitoring purposes). The second stage could include referee details or an assessment form for those candidates who have been successful at interview.

This allows our clients to gather the information they need at the first stage whilst greatly improving the time to apply and the overall experience for candidates.

"We increased candidate satisfaction to 100% using a two-stage application process"

Isle of Man Government

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How do I find out more about this feature?

If you are already a client user of our our ATS, simply get in touch with your Client Success Manager or our support team. They’ll be really happy to talk you through this feature and answer any questions you might have.

If you’re not a using our ATS platform yet, but want to learn more then we’d be delighted to help. Choose a time to suit in our calendar and our team will be in touch, or contact us for more information.

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