Jobtrain and Indeed lead successful NHS recruitment events

ALEX LAMONT • 23 May 2024

On 14th and 20th March, Jobtrain and Indeed partnered to deliver two highly successful recruitment events aimed at supporting NHS England. These events, held in Stevenage and Crawley, focused on aiding individuals who face significant barriers to employment, including refugees, students, and the unemployed, some with medical experience and others without.

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The purpose and preparation

NHS England sought to trial events that would not only introduce potential candidates to job opportunities within the NHS but also provide essential support services. These services included guidance on right-to-work issues, CV support, accessibility assistance, and training opportunities. With dates set and advertised four weeks in advance, there was a pressing need for a robust system to manage expressions of interest, pre-event screening, communications, and post-event analysis.

To address this, our applicant tracking system was deployed on-site, offering a dedicated online portal that was mobile-optimised and fully branded. This platform was linked to over 400 job boards, optimised for Google Jobs, and designed for social media sharing.

Candidates could register via mobile in under 60 seconds, after which they were screened via telephone to identify their needs. This pre-screening allowed us to assign candidates to appropriate stands at the events, providing tailored invitations to ensure they were well-prepared.

hivan-arvizu-soyhivan-MAnhvw0nDDY-unsplashEvent execution and outcomes

The two events saw a total of over 4,000 registrations, with 1,100 attendees at Stevenage and 718 at Crawley. Indeed's significant role in attracting candidates was evident, as 58% of attendees learned about the events through Indeed.

Our system facilitated the engagement of candidates, with an average of five stand visits per attendee and substantial stand engagement rates of 75% in Stevenage and 91% in Crawley.

Key statistics from the events include:

  • Stevenage: 2,203 registered, 1,005 screened, 1,100 attendees (including 303 walk-ins)
  • Crawley: 1,880 registered, 1,202 screened, 718 attendees (including 349 walk-ins)
  • Overall stand visits: 4,582 in Stevenage and 2,743 in Crawley

Significantly, 54% of jobseekers had a direct conversation with Indeed prior to the events, and 51% were pre-screened. Many candidates expressed interest in support services beyond immediate employment, such as employability skills, professional registration guidance, and local NHS information.

Post-event impact

The positive impact of these events was clear. Nearly 1,500 candidates attended the two events, with 50% having past medical experience. Each candidate visited an average of five stands, receiving four offers of further help or job opportunities. The system proved highly efficient, being built, configured, and live within just one week, showcasing its scalability and effectiveness.

Indeed workshops provided additional value, highlighting a knowledge gap among jobseekers regarding NHS processes. Jobseekers appreciated the personalised guidance, with many expressing newfound confidence in their job search and application processes.

About Jobtrain's NHS Partnership

Jobtrain has worked closely with the NHS for years to ensure hiring success through our tailored ATS - built with NHS trusts in mind!

Our collaboration with NHS Scotland, NHS Leicestershire Partnership Trust, and other NHS bodies underscores our commitment to enhancing recruitment processes. For NHS Scotland, our ATS supports the 'Once for Scotland' initiative, standardising recruitment across 22 Health Boards. Our system’s flexibility and efficiency have significantly improved recruitment outcomes, reducing time-to-hire by 31%. This partnership highlights our dedication to delivering customised solutions that meet the unique needs of the NHS, ensuring a seamless and efficient hiring experience

The success of the NHS recruitment events in Stevenage and Crawley demonstrates the power of collaboration and innovative recruitment technology. By streamlining candidate management and providing tailored support, Jobtrain and Indeed have significantly contributed to NHS England's recruitment efforts, particularly in reaching and supporting candidates facing employment barriers. This successful template is ready to be replicated for future events, continuing to bridge gaps in the job market and support the NHS in building a diverse and skilled workforce.

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